How To Protect Your Smile At Night?

Young woman sleepingTaking good care of your teeth and gums is a 24/7 endeavor. You may already know that dentists recommend brushing in the morning and before you go to sleep at night, but you may not be aware of other steps you should be taking at night to protect your oral health.

Nightly Dental Care Routine

Having a good dental care routine at night is important to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. At night we do not swallow and our mouths can dry out, creating the perfect environment for bacterial growth. If we forget to brush and floss before bed, the bacteria will have plenty of food particles at their disposal to turn into tooth eroding acid. You can stop this from happening by remembering to brush, floss and rinse with antiseptic mouthwash every night before you go to sleep. If you have a history of tooth decay and gum disease or are at higher risks for developing those concerns, you may also need to brush and floss after dinner to decrease the likelihood of their development.

Dental Care at Night for Bruxism

Another problem you may have at night is a condition called bruxism, more commonly referred to as “teeth grinding”. Bruxism occurs in people with a bite misalignment and crooked or missing teeth. You may not even be aware of the condition except for a dull throbbing and persistent headache or toothache that will not go away. Excessive bruxism can cause chronic dental care problems such as tooth loss and painful disorders of the jaw like TMJ. The good news is that teeth grinding can be easily treated with a custom-fitted nightguard.

Quality Dental Care

Prevention is the key to a healthy smile. If you are proactive in your dental care, you will save a lot of time and money on dental treatments for conditions that can be prevented with a comprehensive dental care routine. If you are interested in creating or maintaining a smile that is healthy and beautiful, a dental exam and cleaning should be the first step.

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