What Are The Cause Of Losing Teeth?

Teeth cureFairfield, CT – Many consequences of losing teeth are noticeable, like the changes in the way you look and speak. Those results often cause low self-esteem and a lack of confidence that can make it difficult to develop new relationships or find jobs that require interacting with the public. You may suffer from embarrassment and insecurity because you look older than your true age and feel that people seem to notice your teeth more than they notice your attractive features.

However, some consequences of tooth loss are not so apparent, and those are even more serious due to the impact they have on your health. Bones must have a certain amount of stimulation to retain their solidity and shape, and supplying that stimulation to your jawbone is one of the important functions performed by your teeth. The brief contacts your teeth have with each other every day produce a continuous regeneration of bone. Therefore, loss of a tooth or teeth usually results in some loss of jawbone, eventual partial collapse of your lower face, sagging lips and risk of jaw fracture. You may also develop joint pain in your jaws as well as bite problems because your remaining teeth may partially move into spaces formerly occupied by your missing teeth.

Dental implants can restore your confidence, re-establish your self-esteem and prevent the negative health consequences of losing teeth. You may be reluctant to smile now due to the fear of revealing gaps in your teeth, but implants can take away your fear and make you appear to be more friendly and happy.

Your teeth can have a profound effect on many areas of your life. Raw vegetables and fruits and other healthy foods may become difficult or painful to eat because of missing teeth. If you avoid certain nutritious foods because they are hard to chew, your health may decline, but with dental implants, you can comfortably enjoy eating a wide variety of foods again. In addition to better health, dental implants can help give you a positive outlook and a dramatic improvement in your quality of life.

A dentist uses local anesthesia and a minor surgical procedure to place a dental implant in your mouth. The implant itself is a plate or screw that acts as the root of your new tooth when inserted into your jawbone. Because it is made of titanium, one of the metals used for joint replacements, the implant actually fuses to your living bone and becomes a permanent part of it. After allowing time for healing, the dentist tops your implant with a dental crown that has the same appearance, function and feels like that of your natural teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth, several teeth or all your teeth, dental implants are normally the ideal, permanent solution to the problem. For more information or to schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss your dental health call Fairfield Priodontics at  203-255-5753 today.

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