Knowing About Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Cheer of heart. A patient with white and healthy smile in the center of a heart made from two hands of a doctor and a patient which is telling about pleasant emotions of the appointment.When you have several issues impacting your smile’s work, health and appearance, you may need a comprehensive procedure that incorporates medical, restorative, and general dental treatments. Problems with getting the smile you want are often difficult, but a complete mouth reconstruction can provide an effective solution when your mouth is not working as it should.

At Fairfield Periodontics we give patients with numerous dental problems what is known as a full-mouth reconstruction. This blog will help you understand more about this detailed approach, which will restore smiles and make you enjoy life again.

Why Might Full Mouth Reconstruction Be Necessary?
Candidates who are struggling with a multitude of issues with their gums, teeth, and other tissues in the mouth may need a complete mouth reconstruction. Those having a complete mouth reconstruction may also have experienced some form of facial damage or injury. Bite complications can often bring repeated stress to the TMJ, causing disorders and gum and teeth issues.

People with loose or missing teeth may also benefit from a full mouth restructure. The best option available for missing teeth and bridging the gaps are dental implants, crowns, and dentures. Patients with multiple problems in their teeth and with oral tissue support are often good candidates for full mouth reconstruction, particularly if they have advanced rates of damage or decay.

During your dental evaluation, we will examine your teeth , gums, and jaw to determine your whole body, and establish a treatment plan that is best for you. You may not need anything as complicated as a full mouth repair, but having daily dental check-ups at our office is the safest way to find out and avoid further complications.

Let Us Help You Find Solutions
Even if you have just one of the issues we talked about in this forum, you should make a rendezvous with us. You may need a full-bodied reconstruction, or your smile may be a simpler solution to the problems. Whatever dental issues affect your life, we will help restore your smile and get you back to the high quality of life that you deserve, and a smile that you love!

To learn more about full mouth reconstruction and other options for dental care, call Fairfield Periodontics at 203.878.8596.

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