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Knowing About Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Cheer of heart. A patient with white and healthy smile in the center of a heart made from two hands of a doctor and a patient which is telling about pleasant emotions of the appointment.When you have several issues impacting your smile’s work, health and appearance, you may need a comprehensive procedure that incorporates medical, restorative, and general dental treatments. Problems with getting the smile you want are often difficult, but a complete mouth reconstruction can provide an effective solution when your mouth is not working as it should.

At Fairfield Periodontics we give patients with numerous dental problems what is known as a full-mouth reconstruction. This blog will help you understand more about this detailed approach, which will restore smiles and make you enjoy life again. Continue reading Knowing About Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Let Your Smile Show Your Personality

Porcelain VeneersWhat makes a great smile? Just the teeth? Blank teeth? Or maybe teeth with proportions similar to each other? A spectacular smile is more than the sum of its parts. At Fairfield Periodontics, we believe that there is another element in your perfect smile too, your unique personality.

What Is A Smile Makeover?
A smile makeover is a mix of dental treatments that can address any problems with your current smile. We’ll look at the health of your teeth first. If you have cavities or parodontal problems, we’ll first take care of that. Then, we become a dental cosmetic artist using all the necessary innovative treatments. Modern cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of treatments for restore the tooth. We have dental bonding, inlays and onlays at the very least invasive end. Often these procedures can be completed in a single visit. Porcelain veneers may address minor imperfections like chips and stains. A veneer can also correct the shape of a misaligned tooth. If you have non-structural sounding teeth, a porcelain crown may be necessary. The crowns we provide at Fairfield Periodontics blend perfectly with your existing teeth.

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Common Bad Habits That Affects Oral Health

A man with bad teeth and herpes on his lip holds a cigarette near his mouth, which is much whiter than his teethYour teeth are crafted with the proper care to last a lifetime. But bad habits, including chewing and excessive brushing, can really take a toll on your teeth. Tooth erosion, broken teeth, gum disease, and even tooth loss are only a couple of the detrimental impacts of poor oral habits. Here’s a look at some common behaviors that can hurt your oral health and some easy ways to stop them.

Aggressive Brushing – Too hard to brush your teeth can rub off the enamel in your tooth and irritate your gums.

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Veneers: Best Tooth Replacement!

Healthy white smile close up. Beauty woman with perfect smileIf you’re looking for a drastic change to your face, veneers might be the right choice for you. Veneers will make incredible improvements to your teeth whiteness and form, giving you a smile you can be comfortable in.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are small, custom shells that match your teeth. The veneers are coated with a high intensity curing light and then cleaned. For maximum esthetic value, the veneers are placed on the front surface of your tooth. That means teeth which look normal and attractive. Continue reading Veneers: Best Tooth Replacement!

How To Make Your Dental Visit Successful?

Young man getting his teeth checked by a dentist.You can see the dentist for a dental scrub and check-up at least twice a year. Such dental visits allow your dentist to determine your oral health, discuss any issues you might have and check for signs of any dental problems. It’s a relationship between you and your dentist to secure your teeth and your gums. We’ve mentioned a few useful tips below for better performance.

Choose The Right Dentist

It’s important that you find the best dental practice to match your needs. Choosing a supplier and dental practice that suits your lifestyle will improve the odds of keeping the dental appointments. Continue reading How To Make Your Dental Visit Successful?

Dental Procedures That Can Fix Your Smile

Closeup of happy smiling guyWhether for whatever reason you’re disappointed with your expression, don’t believe that there’s nothing you can do to help. Cosmetic dental procedures will greatly improve your appearance and confidence. There are nowadays many cosmetic dental therapies that can rectify old, impaired, or unsightly teeth, gums, and other mouth facets. Below are a few common dental beauty therapies to restore smiles.

Teeth Whitening For A Brighter Smile
A teeth whitening treatment will help if you find that your teeth are no longer a perfect shade of white. Whitening of teeth will spark a smile in no time. You no longer have a brown or yellow teeth to deal in. Alternatively, consider whitening your teeth to lighten the tone of your teeth and enhance your smile. This cosmetic dental treatment will improve morale significantly and help make people look younger. Continue reading Dental Procedures That Can Fix Your Smile

What Are The Major Tips When Getting A Filling

Dental fillingsNormally, when you go to the dentist there are two consequences. You will say that you’re all right (although you’re certainly supposed to floss more) and in six months they’ll see you or you’ll say the dreaded word … cavity.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Nearly 90 per cent of individuals had a void in their lives. Your dentist can take care of the hole fairly easily and with ease by bringing in a filling. And, if you are one of those people who already either had or have a hollow, here is what you need to know about fillings.

What is filling? 

Clearly put, a filling is precisely as it looks. This is a tool used to fill up the tooth with a hole called a “cavity.” These gaps may be caused by rotting of the tooth, splitting from grinding the teeth or some other form of trauma. Continue reading What Are The Major Tips When Getting A Filling

Choosing The Right Toothbrush For Your Teeth

Fun young woman with three toothbrushesEach toothbrush is almost the same, right? Fake and you may be shocked to find out why. Many dental problems may be best suited to other dentures, and others may be harder to handle on the gums, or safer off hard plaques.

You possibly never intended to pick for yourself the perfect toothbrush, but we have a number of tips to help you make the safest, most knowledgeable decision.

About The Toothbrush Bristles

There is a range of bristles out there but, for most of us, soft bristles are the way to go. Not only is this unlikely to cause irritation to your gums but also it won’t wear down the enamel on your teeth. If you need a tougher bristle, your dentist will likely let you know.

Along those lines, you also want to look for a toothbrush with a small head on it. This means that the toothbrush can more effectively reach hard-to-get places which will result in a better clean every single brush. And that’s key to good dental health: Cleaning as much of your teeth as possible and doing it on a regular basis. So next time you’re out buying a toothbrush, make sure it is the right size for your mouth. Continue reading Choosing The Right Toothbrush For Your Teeth

Dental Procedures That Will Fix Your Smile

Dental procedureIf for whatever reason you are unhappy with your smile, do not assume that nothing can be done to help you. With cosmetic dental treatments, you can improve your look and trust significantly. Today, some cosmetic dental therapies will fix old, weakened or unstoppable teeth, gums and other mouth features. Below are some cosmetic oral therapies for the restoration of smiles.

Teeth Whitening For A Brighter Smile
If you find that your teeth are no longer a beautiful shade of white, a teeth whitening procedure can help. Teeth whitening can brighten up a smile in no time. You no longer have to live with brown or yellow teeth. Instead, choose teeth whitening to brighten the shade of your teeth and enhance your smile. This cosmetic dental treatment can greatly boost confidence and help make people appear younger. Continue reading Dental Procedures That Will Fix Your Smile

How To Know You Have Gum Disease?

Gum DiseaseThe mouth is an incredible microcosm of oral bacteria that live in tissue. The bacteria operate most often in perfect harmony with the mouth tissues, but the sour note, which is periodontal infection, often disturbs harmony.

Periodontal disease is a term that encompasses several different conditions that affect the areas around the teeth. The term comes from the Latin word “peri”, meaning around and the Greek word “odont”, meaning tooth. The term used to describe the study of the teeth and the supporting structures around them are called Periodontology. The dental specialty dedicated to the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease is called Periodontics.

The group of diseases that fall under periodontal disease all have the same end results, inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), destruction of the periodontal ligament, loss of bone support, and finally tooth loss. Of the people who develop gingivitis, 10-15% will develop more advanced periodontal disease. About 70% of the people who develop more advanced forms of periodontal disease will develop the chronic form of the disease that worsens as the patient ages. The other 30% will develop different forms and patterns of disease. Continue reading How To Know You Have Gum Disease?